Monday, 11 February 2013

Daily Sketch - Basta's Head

Sorry, I missed a day there. Last night was D&D night, most consistently my favourite evening of the week. There was much swordplay, a giant slug monster made of garbage, and rather a lot of stumbling around the dark before encounter a diety in the form of a tall, rugged figure in a rawhide hat and a poncho with clown make-up and a clockwork smile. In honour of my players' many wanderings down dark passages inevitably inhabited by something that wants to eat you, I am posting the head of one my friends' past characters, on a stick. The candle was my addition; James, I apologize, but it seemed the thing to do.

"My character has the highest charisma score! I'm a natural leader."
"One: 'charisma' does not equal 'knowing what the hell you are doing', two: you can't be our leader. You have no pants."
-Marcus and Chuck, Chainmail Bikini

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