Friday, 9 May 2014

Dinner with Cartoonists

So here I am at TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, utterly overwhelmed by this evening's experience. To be fair, I have myself to blame. I opened my big mouth on Twitter to promote the living heck out of the Doug Wright Awards kickstarter, which thankfully succeeded and will be holding it's 10th annual ceremony tomorrow evening. I went and picked the backer reward of dinner with Drawn & Quarterly and their cohort of cartoonist guests, because hell, you're only in this position once in maybe a lifetime; why not? Good food, good company, the chance to talk shop with industry greats... it's my own damn fault that I ended up having dinner tonight with Seth, Kate Beaton, and Chester Brown, all wonderful, down-to-earth, easy people to talk to, and that I have to dump my starstruckedness all over this screen before I explode. Seth revealed that he has never used a microwave, and Chester (rightfully) chided me for having not yet read Chris Ware. It was quite a conversation (also, exquisite beer).

I was also introduced to Tom Spurgeon, of as well, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for linking to my blog from his, on occasion. Again, thanks Tom. And a big thank you to Brad Mackay for being an excellent host, a good conversationalist, and an all-around gentleman. Cheers, Brad :)

It's been a helluva night. More news from TCAF to come, later.

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