Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wake Up and DRAW!! A Celebration of The King

I spent most of today in the studio inking, connected to an internet signal that forbade me access to Twitter. Which is probably for the best. Had I known earlier that it was Jack Kirby's birthday, and that there was a Twitter-wide celebration of the event happening with fan-made comic art connected to the hashtag #WakeUpandDraw, I doubt I would have got anything done today. Except drawing for The King, of course. With work done (for now) and a little window of freedom, I'm tossing this up online as my Happy Birthday to that old giant of comics, Jack Kirby. I drew this about a month back, for no other reason than the urge to discover what the face of the quintessential Storyteller might look like, the ultimate mythic bard of an age long lost. What I got was an unnerving blend of John Lennon and Gandalf, which I guess is about right. It needs a little more Jack in it, though...

Long live The King!!

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